• Participate to the national Gymnastic competitions and could get the 1st position by ACSA and selected 6 people of ACSA for the Gymnastic women national team.
  • Participate in national competition of women power lifting, obtaining the 1stposition by ACSA and could get 4 Champion cups including 7 golden medals. Also selected for the Asian competition in Kazakhstan.
  • Participate to the women volleyball national competitions for election national team, selected 3 women of ACSA for national team.
  • Participate to the national competition of women Taekwondo and selected 3 people of ACSA for the Taekwondo women national team.
  • Participate to the boys Gymnastic competitions that organized between Kabul city clubs, and obtaining the 2ndposition.
  • Participate to the men kickboxing competitions could obtain 4 golden medals.
  • Organized different ceremony for athletes within the special world days such as: women day, nebulous violence against women, peace day and etc…